The Lease

These are some essential items which are found in your lease and are being given to you as a reminder.

      This Contract is entered into this_______day of_____________ , 20_____between Stonebrook Apartments, Cedar City, Utah (hereinafter “Landlord”)
      and (name)___________________________(hereinafter “Resident”).
      RENTAL TERM Fall ( ) Spring ( ) Summer ( ) ROOM TYPE Shared ( ) Private ( )
      I. RENTAL ACCOMMADATIONS. Landlord will provide accommodations located at 180 North College Way, Cedar City, Utah 84720, for the term
      commencing_________________________________20______and ending______________________________20_____. Resident will room in
      Unit______Rm___.Resident must occupy assigned room. If resident desires to occupy the premises after the expiration of the term of this Contract, and
      upon permission from Landlord, a new lease must be signed, accompanied by a $100.00 renewal fee, prior to the end of the term in order to stay for the
      summer and/or the next school year. Landlord represents that the premises are in good, clean, and habitable condition to which the Resident agrees,
      except as they may deliver in writing to the Landlord within three days of occupation of the premises.
      2. RENT PAYMENT SCHEDULE. Rent is paid on the following schedule: $1700.00 (shared room) or $2100.00 (private room) First
      semester rent is due on or before the first day of occupancy. Second semester rent is due on or before the first day of the semester. A late fee of $30.00
      shall be assessed to delinquent accounts, beginning on the 5th day after rent is due. Late fees may apply to accounts deemed unpaid because of a returned
      or dishonored check.
      Summer rents prior to the school year will be $____________. Students may move into their assigned apartment early if the apartment or room is
      available at the prorated amount of $______________for_________________of days.
      Monthly payments will be accepted if arrangements are made prior to occupancy with written permission from Landlord. A fee of
      $50.00 per semester shall be applied to any account making monthly payments and students must provide a guarantor for payment. Monthly payments
      will be considered late after the 5th day of each month. A separate agreement must be signed for monthly payments.
      Financial aid payments are accepted if the financial aid office verifies that said payment is approved. Financial aid payments must be made within one
      week of the start of school each semester. If the payment is not made by that time, late fees shall apply. A separate agreement must be signed for
      financial aid payments.
      3. PAYMENT METHOD, LOCATION. Types of payments accepted include check, money order, and online PayPal payments. All forms of
      payments are payable to BLC Properties, LLC. A charge of $25.00 will be charged for any returned or dishonored bank check, in addition to any late
      charges that may apply. Rent can be paid by mail, online at, or by placing in the rent drop box by the cluster mailbox near the
      entrance of the parking lot.
      4.MOTOR VEHICLE. Resident may only have one vehicle on the premises and any illegally parked vehicle or any inoperable/ unlicensed vehicle
      parked on the premises for more than ten (10) days may be towed away at the car owner’s expense. A record of the resident’s vehicle must be kept in the
      office. Trailers of any kind are prohibited. Parking is not assigned and is available on a first come basis.
      5. FURNISHINGS AND EQUIPMENT INCLUDED. Each unit is furnished. Resident may not replace the single beds with any other
      bed, including water beds. All furniture, as supplied, must remain in the apartment, except as directed by Landlord. A storage fee may apply if furniture is
      removed from an apartment. Residents may only use the washer and dryer for their personal use. If landlord determines that any other use is being made
      of the washer and dryer, each resident in the unit will be subject to a rent increase of $25.00 per month during the remainder of the rental term and/or
      landlord may remove the washer and dryer from the apartment.
      6. UTILITIES. Inculded in the rent unless you use excessive power and then the overage will be charged to your unit.
      7. TENANT’S PERSONAL PROPERTY. Landlord shall not be liable or responsible in any way for loss or damage to personal property of Resident or
      their guests unless due to gross negligence of Landlord. Landlord strongly encourages and recommends that Resident secures renter’s insurance against
      such losses.
      8. SECURITY DEPOSIT, FORFEITURE, AND REFUNDS. Resident will pay a $350.00 security deposit, consisting of a $150.00 non-refundable and
      a $200.00 refundable portion, prior to executing this lease agreement. If resident desires to terminate this agreement prior to the ending date of the
      contract term, a full refund of the security deposit, minus a $150.00 Holding and Cancellation charge, provided that Resident secures a replacement
      tenant and the replacement is approved by Landlord, in writing. Failure to obtain written permission for transfer of occupancy or termination of tenancy
      under any other conditions prior to the end of the agreement will result in forfeiture of the deposit and Resident shall be liable for the remaining rent due
      for the remainder of the term, in addition to other remedies allowed by law.
      Additionally, deposits shall be forfeited under any of the following conditions: (1) Resident switching apartments without written consent from the
      manager shall forfeit their security deposit, and may be given a 3 day eviction notice to vacate the premises. (2) Any resident who smokes or vapes in the
      apartments will forfeit his/her security deposit. If upon checkout, an apartment smells like cigarette smoke, or vape, all residents of the apartment will
      forfeit their security deposits. To receive a security deposit refund, all of the following conditions must be met: (1) Resident will provide a self-addressed
      stamped envelope to Landlord for returning deposit. (2) A check-out walk-through must be done with the apartment manager. (3) All keys must be
      returned to the office. Failure to meet these conditions will result in a deposit forfeiture. Compliance with these conditions does not necessitate a full
      refund. Deductions will be as follows: (1) a $50.00 non-refundable fee for cleaning carpets, upholstery, and window treatments. (2) rent or fees still owed
      by Resident under the terms of this agreement, (3) a $20.00 fee for lost keys, (4) a $3.00 fee for each light bulb, (5) a $2.00 fee for each nail hole, (6) any
      damages, caused by Resident, Resident’s animals, or Resident’s guests, (7) any cleaning required to bring the apartment to a re-rentable condition. Any
      damages done to the property shall be assessed equally against all residents of an apartment if Landlord cannot determine who caused the
      damage. The balance of the deposit, if any, shall be mailed to Resident, in the provided self-addressed stamped envelope, with an explanation of
      deductions, within 30 days, as required by Utah Law.
      9.MAINTENANCE. Tenant shall: (1) keep the premises clean, sanitary, and in good condition and, upon termination of the tenancy, return the
      premises in a condition at least identical to that which existed when tenant took occupancy, except for ordinary wear and tear of human only occupancy;
      (2) immediately notify landlord of any defects or dangerous conditions in and about the premises of which tenant becomes aware by submitting a request
      online at; and (3) reimburse landlord, on demand of landlord, for the cost of any repairs to the premises damaged by Resident,
      Resident’s animals, or Resident’s guests. (4) Resident shall not paint or otherwise redecorate or make other alterations or cause to have done any of the
      foregoing, without first obtaining written permission from the Owner. If Resident does any of the above without Owner’s permission, Resident is liable to
      pay owner/landlord to bring premises back to original state. (5) Furnace filters must be changed every two months. Any damages to furnaces and/or air
      conditioners relating to dirty filters will be Residents’ responsibility. (6) Tenant will not, without landlord’s consent, alter, re-key or install any locks
      (including bedroom door). (7) Resident is responsible to change batteries in smoke alarms every six months and maintain them in a working condition.
      (8) Resident is responsible for replacing and maintaining all light bulbs, including porch lights.
      10. SUBLEASING. Residents will be responsible for all rent during the contract period, even if subleasing. Subleasing and assignment of this contract
      will not be allowed without written consent from the manager. If written permission is not received before Resident vacates, terms as outlined in clause 8
      will apply. Subleasing people under your own contract agreement and splitting the costs of your own contract will not be permitted and will be subject to
      a charged a fee equal or greater to that of the extra(s) subleasing under your contract agreement.
      11. ABANDONMENT/SKIP. If the resident has not notified landlord that he/she will be absent from the premises, and the resident fails to pay rent
      within 15 days after the due date, landlord will retake possession of the premises and deal with the resident’s possessions in accordance with Utah law
      Section 78-36-12.6. Resident will be responsible for the rent for the remainder of the term or until a replacement resident is secured.
      12. SHARING OF INFORMATION. Resident expressly grants permission to Landlord to contact resident’s parents/guardians or other parties as
      deemed necessary by landlord to discuss rent payments, returned checks, and other terms addressed in this agreement.
      12. RESIDENT AGREES: A. (1) That resident, including any of resident’s visitors, will not smoke or vape (this includes chewing tobacco); (2) will not
      possess or consume alcoholic beverages nor possess alcoholic bottles while occupying the unit or while on apartment grounds; (3) that resident will have
      no overnight guests without written consent of the landlord; (4) and that resident will have NO PETS or firearms while living at the apartments. B. (1)
      That resident shall maintain the interior of the property in a clean, neat and safe condition based upon Landlord’s standards, and avoid unreasonable noise
      or other disruption of the privacy and peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents. (2) That resident will submit to periodic cleaning checks by
      landlord, and resident agrees to do whatever landlord requires, such as performing recommended cleaning to pass these cleaning checks. Failure to
      comply with recommended cleaning will result in resident’s apartment being cleaned by an agent of the landlord, and the resident will be charged for
      costs of cleaning. C. That resident shall not perform any mechanical work on vehicles, including motorcycles, in apartments or parking areas without
      written approval from the manager. D. That resident will use the bicycle racks provided and not allow bicycles to be brought inside the apartment. E.
      Resident agrees to not make any alterations to interior and to leave all items intact, including but not limited to fire alarms, window screens, and light
      13. INDEMNIFICATION. Landlord shall not be liable for any damage or injury to resident or to any other persons or for any damage, theft, or loss to
      any property occurring on the premises or on the landlord’s property, and the resident agrees to hold landlord harmless from any claims.
      14. TRANSFER OF RESIDENTS. Upon 3 days written notice to the resident, the landlord may transfer the resident to an equally suitable
      apartment or room other than originally assigned for the purpose of consolidating residents or other justifiable reasons.
      15. BOTH PARTIES AGREE. The landlord shall ensure the quiet enjoyment and peaceful possession of the apartment by the resident and will
      not enter except with consent of the resident. The landlord may enter the premises without the consent of or notice to the resident in the event of an
      emergency that threatens life or property, or when it is impracticable to get consent for a proper business purpose, such as a cleaning check, apartment
      maintenance or repairs.
      16. TERMINATION BY LANDLORD. In any of the following instances the landlord may elect to terminate this lease and reenter and take possession
      of the premises after notifying the resident pursuant to Utah law: (1) failure of the resident to make any payment required under this
      agreement when due. (2) When the cost of damages caused by the negligence of the resident exceeds the amount of the security deposit; (3) when the
      resident causes any material, substance, or continuing breach of this agreement, including failure to pass cleaning checks. If the landlord re-enters the
      premises in accordance with this paragraph or any other provisions authorizing forfeiture, landlord shall use his or her best effort to re-rent the premises
      on reasonable terms and resident agrees to pay landlord any difference between rent agreed herein and rent collected from re-rental of premises for the
      remaining term of this lease.
      17. ATTORNEY’S FEES. Resident agrees that in the event of default under this lease agreement, resident shall be responsible to pay landlord all court
      costs, collection agency fees in the amount of 40%, attorney’s fees, and interest at the rate of 18% APR resulting from enforcement of this contract or any
      right arising out of such breach.
      18. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the parties hereto and supersedes all prior
      agreements or understandings.
      19. AMENDMENT. This agreement may not be altered or amended except by a subsequent written agreement executed by all parties hereto.
      20. WAIVER: No provision of this contract can be waived except by written consent of Landlord and Resident. No failure of Landlord to enforce any
      part of this agreement shall be deemed as a waiver, nor shall any acceptance of a partial payment be deemed a waiver Landlord’s right to the full amount.
      If for any reason, any portion of this agreement is declared void, the balance of the Contract will remain in full force and effect.
      ____________________________________________ _______________________________
      DATE:__________________________ DATE:________________________

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