The Lease

These are some essential items which are found in your lease and are being given to you as a reminder.

  1. Your room has been assigned to you. You must occupy that room. If you occupy a different room or change apartments without permission, fees and possible eviction may apply.
  2. You must set up utilities accounts within 48 hours. The Rocky Mountain Power and Questar Gas accounts should be set up in the name of one of the tenants in your apartment and the account numbers must be provided to the manager to avoid fees and penalties. You must remain current in your payment of utilities accounts.
  3. Rent is due when you move in and at the beginning of the Spring semester, unless previous arrangements have been made. If your rent is late, a fee of $30.00 is charged. If rent continues to be unpaid after the 15th of the month, legal proceedings will begin.
  4. To use the hot tub, a resident must be present. You may not invite friends to use the hot tub if you are not going to be there. You are not allowed to smoke, drink, litter, or alter the hot tub in any way, including adding any soap or bubbles. Hot tub availability is subject to the manager’s discretion.
  5. You must keep your apartment clean. This includes the bedroom and bathroom, not just public areas. Cleaning inspections/maintenance checks will be conducted regularly throughout the semester. If your apartment fails a cleaning check, you may be asked to do additional cleaning, and be subject to fees or possible eviction as stated in the lease.


  1. You are responsible to report any maintenance requests within a reasonable time. Maintenance requests should be submitted online at   Maintenance that is caused by your neglect may be charged to you and/or your roommates. This includes clogged toilets and unlocking doors. You can’t paint, put up shelves, or alter the apartment in any way. You may put up pictures, but your deposit will be charged for each hole in the wall when you move out.
  2. You can’t change the locks on your doors, including bedroom doors, without permission.
  3. You are responsible for light bulbs, smoke alarm batteries, and furnace filters. If the furnace/AC is damaged because the filter has not been changed, you will be responsible to pay for repairs. All window screens and furnishings, including beds, must remain intact and in the apartment.
  4. There are no pets, not even fish.
  5. If you need to be released from your contract, you must have permission from the manager. You will have to sell your contract. The manager is not responsible to find a replacement tenant. If you do not find a replacement, you will still be responsible for the remainder of your contract term.
  6. You are not allowed to have overnight guests of any kind without permission from the manager. This includes parents. Overnight guests of the opposite gender (ie boyfriends or girlfriends) are never allowed in your apartment.
  7. Alcoholic beverages and containers, tobacco products, and illegal drugs of any kind are strictly prohibited in the apartment and on the grounds, including the parking lots, stair wells and grass.
  8. The landlord will not enter your apartment without prior written notice, except in the case of emergency or to complete a maintenance request.
  9. Landlord diligently strives to comply with all fair housing regulations from the Fair  Housing  Act implemented by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD) and the Utah Fair Housing Act. Landlord agrees not to discriminate against  Tenant based on any protected class designed by HUD and the Utah Fair Housing Act, including disability.  Tenant will give reasonable notice to Landlord of any disability legitimately requiring a service animal and reasonable accommodations will be made.

If you want to download a recent version of the contract for your review, you may CLICK HERE.

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