Photo tour

Welcome to your new home!

Stonebrook Apartments are fully furnished.  Each bedroom comes with a twin size bed, nightstand and dresser.  Each bedroom has a walk in closet and a bathroom complete with shower, toilet, sink and vanity.

The kitchen includes a fridge, microwave, range top stove/oven and a dishwasher.  There is plenty of storage room for dishware and food in cabinets.  The kitchen also has bar stools and counter top to sit at.

Near the kitchen is the common room which has one or two couches depending on the apartment.  If you would like a t.v. you or your roommate will have to supply it.

Next to the kitchen is a closet that opens where the washer and dryer are located.

We do our best to keep up with maintenance on the apartments.  If something is broken or needs repair, please don’t hesitate to fill out a “Maintenance Request” online.  It’s very simple and helps keep us organized here at Stonebrook Apartments.

Thank you for looking and please don’t hesitate to call us with questions or schedule a tour.


Stonebrook Management